• The Basics of Quick Quads Video Poker

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    The last big innovation in video poker took place when Microgaming launched the Level Up series and some other online casino software providers came up with similar versions. Another shift is due. The focus is so much on online slots these days that it is difficult to say when a different kind of video poker game will arrive at online casinos. It may come as a surprise to many, but land casinos have more variety in video poker machines. One appropriate candidate for making the shift to online casinos is the Quick Quads series.

    A Quad is a typical video poker term for a four of a kind hand. For example a hand of S5, H5, D5, C5 and H8 is a quad of fives. A Quick Quad is a deemed four of a kind hand that actually has only three cards of the same rank. The ranks of the other two cards add up to the rank of the three of a kind card. An example of a Quick Quad is S5, H5, D5, C2 and H3. This is because 2 and 3 add up to five. Some other examples of Quick Quads are S8, C8, D8, H3 and H5 and S9, H9, D9, C6 and C3.

    There are some ground rules about forming Quick Quads. An ace will always count for one point. The picture cards of jacks, queens and kings do not have any points. Therefore, any hand that has a picture card in the three of a kind segment or in the remaining two cards cannot be a Quick Quad. Hence SJ, HJ, CJ, H6 and S4 is not a Quick Quad. Also you cannot have a Quick Quad of aces because the sum of two card rankings cannot be 1. You can only have Quick Quads from twos to tens.

    Because Quick Quads video poker gives you additional ways of forming four of a kind hands, there has to be a price to pay. The maximum bet is six coins instead of the usual five coins and the Quick Quads facility only comes into play when six coins are wagered. The following video poker variants are available as Quick Quads games: Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, Double Bonus and Double Double Bonus. When playing Quick Quads at land casinos you need to check out the payout table carefully because the same variant can have loose and tight machines.

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