• The Elements of Online Blackjack Strategy

    Posted on August 14, 2015 by in Uncategorized

    Blackjack is well-known for being a game that’s all about strategy and putting in the work to get good enough at the skill aspect of the game that you can really maximize your chances of coming out on top. With that having been said, there are certain differences between the various types of blackjack that can make it difficult to learn any individual game on a high level. Even so, you can still learn the elements of the game to have an easier time quickly improving to the level of mastery for any specific type of the game.

    One important element of strategy is the dealer’s up card. There are three basic types of cards you can be facing. All of the cards from a two through six are considered weak cards, and you’ll expect the dealer to go bust a relatively large amount of the time with these. If you’re facing a seven, eight or nine, then you’re up against a strong card, and the dealer will rarely go bust with these, but he’ll also not make overwhelmingly strong hands with them so often. When you’re up against a ten or ace, you’re facing exceptionally strong hands that will rarely bust and that will very frequently make strong hands.

    Adjusting to the type of hand you’re facing is one of the most important parts of strategy in the game. If you have hard hands of 12 and up, and you’re facing a weak dealer card, it’s almost always the right play to stand. This might seem weird with something like a 12 or 13 to some players, but if you consider the situation, it makes a lot of sense. You have a high chance of going bust if you hit, and the dealer has a high chance of going bust if you stand. It’s pretty straight-forward if you think about it in these terms.

    While we’re at it, we need to mention something about card counting. Counting cards is an extremely important part of blackjack in a live setting if you want to maximize your chances of winning. However, in the online environment, it doesn’t quite work. The reason is that it’s a strategy that counts on a shoe or deck that dwindles down before a reshuffle. In online games, the cards are shuffled after every hand, so there’s no chance to take advantage of this particular type of strategy.

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